• for iMac where download 3.0.8_ShutterBug.tar.gz


    Description: HTML - 2355 KB - Development - ShutterBug - XtraLean Corporation

    ✅ ShutterBug.version.3.0.8.app

    ShutterBug is a WYSIWYG website creation tool for publishing Web albums, photo journals, and full-featured websites, including the ability to easily add a shopping cart if need be. Fully WYSIWYG, you don't even have to know how to spell H-T-M-L to create your own custom look. With the built-in themes and templates you can make your own Web page in minutes or start with one of our themes and change anything and everything to create your own unique look.Totally addictive and fun, you could lose yourself making really cool photo albums and Web sites. From beginners to advanced users, ShutterBug has something for everyone. Features: - Built-in ImageWell editor lets you crop, rotate, add labels, thought clouds, zoom in on your thumbnails with the zoom tool, adjust the sharpness, brightness, and other filters. - 100% WYWSIWYG Layout editor lets you easily create your own design - no technical or CSS knowledge required. - Content editor makes it easy to add pages, automatically creates your navigation menu, simple drag and drop for adding photos, add some text, edit links, and you're done. - Build more than just photo albums; Freestyle and collage tools make it easy to create unique and sophisticated displays, quickly create a photo journal with text tastefully wrapped around floating pictures, plus much more using the many options and tools available in Layout mode. - Build full-featured websites, easily add a PayPal Shopping Cart to your ShutterBug site, or integrate ShutterBug pages with your existing website. Advanced users can even add their own HTML snippets if they wish. - Export to .Mac, WebDAV, S/FTP, or a folder on your computer with the one-click Send button. Incremental export will only send the changes made since the last export. ShutterBug keeps track of your changes, so you don't have to. - 26 fully-customizable, built-in themes to get you started, but the layout tool is so easy to use, you'll be making your own look in no time. - Over 60 more free, additional themes available to registered ShutterBugs at ShutterBug Land, plus three new Shopping Cart themes. - Add movies, Contact forms, audio files, before/after slideshows, plus so much more.

    Recomended! version ini.vers.3.0.12.shutterbug.zip | 2472 KB |
    New! version BiyU5-version-3.1.8-ShutterBug.tar.gz | 2496 KB |
    Recomended iMac YOonUs-3.0.9-ShutterBug.zip | 2001 KB |
    Updated on El Captan SHUTTERBUG_5.0.8_8CAE.DMG | 2802 KB |
    Version Mojave ShutterBug-ver-3.0.10-GwZRw.tar.gz | 2307 KB |

    XtraLean Corporation

    Recomended for El Captan Webber.version.1.3.0.GZTfN.dmg 2.02.0
    Version Mac Pro eG53_Phantom_Cine_AMA_ver_3.0.2846.dmg 1.0.3146

    (2425 KB) Free ShutterBug 3.0.11 PEeMr 3.0.10 Version to Mac mini
    (2661 KB) Download CJD VER 3.0.11 SHUTTERBUG 3.1.8 Featured iMac Pro
    (2284 KB) Software s8aX vers.3.0.9 ShutterBug 3.0.11 Sierra
    (2378 KB) Free VERSION 3.0.12 SHUTTERBUG HJD 3.2.8 Recomended to 10.11.4

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